TUP Full price list Jan – April 2015

Tilde University Press (TUP) textbooks are published across a number of business subject areas at the foundation level, upper graduate level, and post graduate level. The TUP books have 4 styles: 1) Books of readings – usually has an editor(s), and tends to be research-based, 2) Postgraduate textbooks – this style of book tends to take a more mature approach to the topic, 3) Undergraduate textbooks – tends to be more succinct and accessible, and 4) Casebooks – usually has shorter teaching cases that range from 2 to 20 pages in length.

Tilde business catalogue 2015

Tilde business publications integrate the latest educational research with the outcomes of the national curriculum, ensuring that each publication is not only accessible and affordable but also up-to-date and educational.

Tilde skills Office 2013

Tilde skills publications are easy to follow, step-by-step materials for TAFE, RTOs and the VET market that align to the BSB07 training package.