Review copies

If you see any titles that you think would be appropriate for your course, please contact Tilde ( with your best postal address, course code and approximate student intake.

This service is available to: University educators, TAFE teachers, VET teachers.

Office 2013 review copies: Please contact for the 3 different ways to review the Office 2013 books.

Tilde reserves the right to restrict this free service at management’s discretion.

Ebook review copies:

Currently we are trialling the use of electronic review copies for all Tilde skills books. Tilde is committed to sustainable publishing, reducing the impact to the environment and getting textbooks into your hands quicker.

Electronic (ebook) versions are also available for students to purchase.

To receive an electronic review copy:

  1. Search for the book you wish to review (via category on the left panel or search with the title on the top right)
  2. Under the picture of the book, click on button ‘Shop for eBooks’.
  3. On the Author Cloudware site, click on ‘Create an Account’ (top right corner) (you only need to do this once).
  4. Complete the registration selecting ‘Professor’ on the first question.
  5. Once registered, click on the required text, then click on ‘Review Copy’.
  6. It can take up to 24 hours for the request to be approved but this is still shorter time then posting the copy to you.

Once you receive the book, to access the Tilde skills exercise files, hover over ‘Educators’ on the top menu then click on ‘Exercise files’.