Cases in HR Practice and Strategy Second Edition


Mike Fazey
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Publish date: 2015

Product Description

About this casebook

Cases in HR Practice and Strategy, Second Edition has been designed to help students and practitioners bridge the gap between theory and practise. It contains a wealth of realistic cases and business scenarios typically encountered by HR professionals. Each case is accompanied by discussion questions and other learning activities that require learners to apply their theoretical understanding of HR while taking account of the impact of issues such as organisational politics, business requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, the industrial relations environment, and other contextual factors.

The discussion questions and learning activities highlight the dilemmas inherent in many aspects of HR practice. They are based on HR’s contemporary ‘strategic partner’ role, and require learners to think beyond ‘textbook solutions’ and to develop responses that are practical and that meet the need of all stakeholders.

This casebook includes an opening chapter that provides decision-making and problem-solving guidelines for HR Practitioners.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – A framework for decision-making and problem-solving
Chapter 2 – Workforce analysis and planning
Chapter 3 – Job design
Chapter 4 – Recruitment and selection
Chapter 5 – Performance management
Chapter 6 – Remuneration, entitlements and employment conditions
Chapter 7 – Employee health, safety and wellbeing
Chapter 8 – Learning and development
Chapter 9 – International HRM
Chapter 10 – Equity and diversity
Chapter 11 – Discipline and grievance management
Chapter 12 – Talent management
Chapter 13 – Sustainability and social responsibility
Chapter 14 – HR strategy

New to this edition

New to this edition are chapters on talent management and on sustainability and social responsibility. These cases deal with some of the most topical issues in HR, including: attraction, retention, succession management, employer branding, the use of contingent workforces, workplace monitoring and surveillance, and the social impacts of HR decisions.
There are also new cases in the chapters on remuneration entitlements, employment conditions and learning and development.

Key features

• Includes 67 ostensibly hypothetical cases that require learners to deal with issues or solve problems
• Is suitable for HR education programs and as well as for professional development for HR practitioners
• Contains scenarios that cover all aspects of HR practice and strategy
• Reflects HR’s role as a strategic business partner
• Provides a practical decision-making and problem-solving framework

About the author

Mike Fazey coordinates the Human Resource Management program in the School of Business at the University of Notre Dame (Fremantle). He has also lectured in human resource management at Murdoch and Edith Cowan University.

Mike has more than 25 years’ experience in human resource management and policy roles. His professional experience encompasses recruitment, learning and development, performance management, change management, organisational development, leadership development and strategic human resource management.

As a practitioner, Mike has been a member of various university business school advisory boards and committees, and was a member of the Western Australian State Council of the Australian Human Resources Institute from 2004 to 2007.

Mike is also the author of Human Resource Policy: Connecting Strategy with Real-World Practice, Second Edition published by Tilde University Press in 2013.


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