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Leadership and Change Management


Compilation Editor: Simon Fishwick
ISBN: 978-0-7346-1174-1 (print)
ISBN: 978-0-7346-2149-8 (ePDF)
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Pages: 362 pp
Copyright: 2015

Product Description

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Leadership and Change Management, Second Edition, combines topics on leadership with topics on change, change management and sustainability. Compiled from three primary sources, it is a considered blend of theory and practice; theory, so that the reader can learn from the vast body of research amassed in the field, and practice so that the reader can then develop skills and capabilities, and acquire a ‘work-ready’ edge to help facilitate their move into the workplace

The book has been organised into 6 parts: Part I – Leadership, Part II – Change, Part III – Theories of Leadership, Part IV – Change Diagnosis and Design, Part V – Sustainable Leadership, and Part IV – Evaluation and Learning.

Table of contents

Part I: Leadership in the global context
Chapter 1: Leadership in the global context
Chapter 2: The person of the leader
Part II: Change
Chapter 3: An introduction to change
Chapter 4: Theoretical and philosophical framework
Part III: Theories of Leadership
Chapter 5: Behaviour and contingency theories
Chapter 6: Charismatic and transformational leadership
Chapter 7: Creating sustainable organisations through servant leadership
Part IV: Change Diagnosis and Design
Chapter 8: Situation assessment
Chapter 9: Organisation-wide change
Part V: Sustainable Leadership
Chapter 10: Sustainable leadership practices
Chapter 11: Transforming large organisations toward innovative sustainable practices
Part VI: Evaluation and Learning
Chapter 12: Evaluation and organisational learning

About the compilation editor

Dr Simon Fishwick is a lecturer of Human Resource Management (undergraduate and postgraduate) and leadership (postgraduate) at the University of Tasmania in Australia. He is the co-author of multiple journal publications, including the International Review of Business Research Papers, and has presented at the London Conference of Money, Economy and Management and at the International Human Resource Management Conference. Simon’s research interests include: performance management, recruitment and selection, work/life balance, and linking HR theory and HR practice.

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