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Research Skills: Analyzing, Researching and Presenting


Simon Moss
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Many students assume that learning about research will be boring and tedious. They are usually right: learning about research can be boring and tedious. Fortunately, to enliven this topic and to prevent relentless boredom, this book introduces a series of techniques.

Research Skills: Analyzing, Researching and Presenting is not simply a series of formal principles about research. Instead, each chapter begins with some flawed research, and then presents a set of procedures that need to be applied, with reference to a hypothetical study on income inequality and wellbeing. Scattered throughout each chapter are additional scientific discoveries that demonstrate important principles, enhance critical thinking, clarify the research process, and inspire the reader.

Research Skills: Analyzing, Researching and Presenting will impart skills that are vital to many jobs and careers. After reading this book, you should be able to:

  • clarify the questions and hypotheses you would like to explore,
  • review the literature on this research topic,
  • conduct interviews, focus groups, ect. to collect data,
  • analyze both quantitative and qualitative data,
  • recognize and refute alternative explanations,
  • report the research, and
  • write more persuasively, concisely, precisely, and engagingly

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Specifying a provisional topic and research question
Chapter 2: Completing a literature review
Chapter 3: Finalising your research question and hypothesis
Chapter 4: Designing questions for participants
Chapter 5: Design methodology
Chapter 6: Implementing the research you designed
Chapter 7: Analysing the data you collected
Chapter 8: Interpreting data
Chapter 9: Planning the report
Chapter 10: Writing and refining the draft

About the author

Simon Moss (PhD Monash) is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia. Simonā€˜s primary research interest relates to the factors that promote honest, ethical, cooperative and dedicated behaviour in the workplace. Specifically, he is interested in the misconceptions of individuals that compromise wellbeing and performance.

Simon has published scientific papers in a broad range of disciplines, including creativity and problem solving, attention and concentration, facial expressions, psychological disorders, risk and safety, and stress management. He has also published a range of books and articles in the fields of leadership, personality, motivation, integrity, perception, attention, and stress.

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