Do you need to change your default web browser in Windows 10?

Since downloading Windows 10 I have noticed some of my default applications have changed. The main one that I find annoying is my web browser. I know that if I spent the time I could learn Microsoft Edge but all of my bookmarks are in another application. If I have a choice I would use Firefox or Internet Explorer but since Microsoft have created their own, they have made Microsoft Edge the default.

Changing it back is a simple task.

How to: Change your default web browser in Windows 10

There are 2 ways to find your default applications:

  1. Click into the search bar on the taskbar and type default.
    You will notice a number of options.

The options will depend on your computer.

Mine shows under Settings: Choose a default email app. Although this is not the default I want to change, if you click it, it will still take you to the right place.

Click away from search results.

  1. Click on the Windows button, then select System (down near the bottom on the left).

This is where you find all of your settings add new devices (printers), to personalise your windows, add a screen saver etc.

Click on System (the first option).

Select the second last option on the left pane ‘Default apps’.

  1. Within this screen, scroll down to Web browser.
  2. Click on the current browser (will probably be Microsoft Edge), then select your favourite web browser, in my case I had downloaded Firefox a few years ago and with upgrade it is still there.
  3. These steps can also be used to change your Music Player (you may normally use iTunes), or if you have a different Photo viewer.
  4. Once you have made your changes, close the window.

Click HERE to download these steps to print (includes screenshots).

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