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~ your ‘virtual’ university press ~

 Tilde Publishing and Distribution is a boutique, commercial publishing house specialising in educational publishing.

Tilde is independent and privately owned, and receives no subsidies or government funding. As a consequence, Tilde is able to partner effectively, in quality publishing projects, with schools, universities and research institutions as well as with academic associations, industry organisations and government bodies.

With Tilde, you can publish a selection of ‘best papers’ from your conference as an edited book of contributed chapters. Or, you can tell us how you would like your association’s research to be published.

By partnering with Tilde to publish your conference proceedings, costs are shared. We look after all the production, editing, printing, ebook conversion, marketing and global distribution for you. This is the most cost-effective way to disseminate research globally and to maximise citation rates and the impact of your association’s work, while still retaining control over the content, the presentation, and royalty flows.

When works are published in partnership with Tilde, additional innovative and flexible distribution options become possible, including: bulk print purchase, bulk ebook purchase, and open access licencing.

Conference proceedings can be published under our TUP Conference logo, or co-published with your School, institution or association’s own branding.

To discuss partnering with Tilde further, please contact our publisher@tilde.com.au

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